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The Hong Kong private school system is broken down into three mainstreams: Hong Kong International Schools (HKIS), English Schools Foundation (ESF) and other international schools.

There are many schools available for with various specialties, grade levels, locations, and price ranges. Enrollment has become very competitive in the past few years with many expatriate families relocating to Hong Kong and limited class spaces available. Many schools require uniforms, offer paid transportation to school and a debenture.

HKIS is an American School directed by Missouri Lutheran Synod. It has an American curriculum with mostly American teachers. It has high standards with most graduating students being accepted at excellent universities or private boarding schools in Hong Kong and abroad. Uniforms are required for the primary section only. Bring school records and a standard physical examination report completed within six months of entering.

ESF runs 20 schools across Hong Kong - five secondary, ten primary, one "all-through" school, three kindergartens and a school for children with special educational needs. ESF makes a vital contribution to Hong Kong by providing high-quality and cost-effective education through the medium of English.

Besides, there is a wide variety of International schools coving nationalities from Australia to Japan and everything else in between. Many of the schools focus on English as the primary source of teaching and offer other language options. The curriculum is usually very internationally focused and the teachers are typically foreigners.