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Hong Kong has advanced medical care, through both public and private hospitals. Most expatriates prefer to use the private hospitals with their higher standards of care, more personal attention and English-speaking staff. However, the standards at public hospitals are good, and it is easy to see a doctor without an appointment. It can be important to have quick access to a physician, as many Hong Kong employers require a doctor's note for even one day off sick.

Medical insurance is crucial as hospital fees are high. When accepting a posting to Hong Kong it is important to ensure that the company offers an adequate insurance plan. Private insurance can be easily obtained.

The private hospitals most used by expatriates are: Adventist (40 Stubbs Road, Mid-levels, 2574-6211), Canossa (1 Old Peak Road, Mid-levels, 2522-2181) or Matilda (41 Mt. Kellett Road, the Peak, 2849-6301).

All hospitals have 24-hour emergency treatment. Ambulance drivers automatically take a patient to the nearest public hospital unless otherwise instructed. St. John's Ambulance can be reached at 2578-1112 in Hong Kong, and at 2713-5555 in Kowloon. Dial 999 for emergencies.

Specialist treatment is best obtained by referral from a family physician. The best way to locate a good family doctor is through word of mouth, but the Community Advice Bureau can also help (2815 5444).